Delush Polish – Gentle Lion with stamping

I was watching some of the pictures from  Chrissy’s Lackwahnsinn (Here you can find her blog – but careful – this can lead to some serious polish orders ^_^) and so I ordered some of the Delush Polish colors – so I will show you some more in the future.

Thanks to DHL the package didn’t arrive on monday but on Saturday – yay. So what to do – sure thing – paint the nails. First one is Gentle Lion because my sign is leo and it is just beautiful.

Delush Polish - Gentle Lion - Bottle

This is Delush Polish saying about Gentle Lion: A mauve cream, dusted with delicate yet fierce copper color shifting flakies and gorgeous shimmer that’s bound to make you roar! (Source: Delush Website)


Basecoat Ünt – Ready for takeoff
Basecolor Delush Polish – Gentle Lion
Stampingcolor Colour Alike – B. a Rudolph
Stampingplate Moyou London – Hipster Collection 15
Topcoat Maybelline – Already dry!

The application is a no brainer because the brush is a bit wider. I also need two layers to smooth everything out. When I look really close I can see that i took some polish of with the second layer. I might have used another thin layer. But only if you look really really close.

Pictures Delush Polish – Gentle Lion

And now some pictures of this beauty.

Delush Polish - Gentle Lion - Mani Delush Polish - Gentle Lion - Mani2

Can we please take a moment and apreciate the label? I love these teeny tiny special things indie labels do. Sometimes it also stands and falls with packaging. And also the Lion from the Moyou London Hipster Collection 15 plate is matching the label perfect. <3 The Stamping color from Colour Alike – B. a Rudolph is also matching quite nicely – I did not want the stamping to stand out that much so I am pretty happy how this turned out.

Delush Polish - Gentle Lion - Label

Do you have Delush Polish colors or do you think about getting some? Und – additional question – are you more tempted to buy a polish when the naming is just perfect? I have to admit – if I like the color and the name is too adorable or fitting I most likely going to buy the polish.


Moo Moo’s Signatures – Moo Magic in a Pot

Not so long ago my first Moo Moo’s Signatures Polishes from a Group Order arrived – I had the Polishes on my radar for quite some time but I never ordered any – don’t ask me why. But with Moo Magic in a Pot it was love. Sometimes that happens 😀 Moo Moo’s Signatures Polishes you can get hier or hier (and you can have a look at the Stockists Info on the Bigcartel page).

Moo Moo's Signatures -Moo in a pot - Teddy
Cute Picture with a very very small teddybear


Basecoat Ünt – Ready for takeoff
Color Essie – hip-anema
Moo Moo’s Signatures – Moo Magic in a Pot
Topcoat Maybelline – Alread Dry!

Moo Moo's Signatures -Moo in a pot - Bottle

As you can see – this polish is taking the name magic very seriously. There is everything inside you can imagine Glitterwise – Holocircles, dotted glitter, stars – everything.

Moo Moo’s Signature about the polish:
“A red jelly with lots of glitters. It has neon pink daisies, tiny black stars, purple diamonds, small dots, large dots, color-shifting iridescent glitters and hexes.” (Source: Bigcartel Website)

Because I am very lazy sometimes I use a similar Nailpolish Color underneath (I do not like jelly polish on my nails that much) – also it saves Nailpolish because I don’t need three layers. So this is one layer of Essie – Hip-anema, a very similar red as base and one layer Moo magic in a Pot.


Pictures of Moo Moo’s Signatures – Moo Magic in a Pot

Moo Moo's Signatures -Moo in a pot - Mani


Moo Moo's Signatures -Moo in a pot - Closeup

I have to check if and where I can get something like Glitter Food from Nail Polish Boldness. I am one of those people cutting themselfs with bigger glitter in nailpolish. Luckily I am not Edward Scissorhands or Freddy Krüger 🙂 But I fell for that nailpolish so I have to deal with that – please just tell me that I am not the only one cutting herself with glitterpolish 😉

PS: I have deactivated the mandatory fields for comments for some testing so – bring it on 🙂


New year – Scofflaw – City Snowfall

Let’s start with the good intentions for the new year. And before I start whining here the short Version: Christmas, End of the Year, a cold and an on Site Appointment piled up just at the right time. So – new plans for the year and now – a Scofflaw Nail Varnish Manicure 🙂

At the last day – the 31. December my last order from Scofflaw arrived – perfect because at the first Day of the Year there was a Restock wit a new Limited Edition and some Mystery Polishes. For New Years Eve I decided to go with City Snowfalls. If you’re interested in getting the polishes have a look here.

Scofflaw package
In this cute packaging they will arrive
Scofflaw package content
And this is the Content


Basecoat Ünt – Ready for takeoff
Base Color Scofflaw – City Snowfall
Stampingcolor Moyou London – Gold Espresso
Stampingplate VividLacquer – VL006
Topcoat Maybelline – 3D Gel Effect

Scofflaw about that polish:
“‘City Snowfall’ is a pale grey crelly, packed with silver and minty glitters, as well as silver and aqua sparkles. Opaque in 2-3 thin coats.” (Source: Facebook)

Scofflaw - City Snowfall - Closeup

And now enough babling  – now it let’s see the beauty on the nails. Here you have City Snowfall – The first layer seems to be very thin and sheer but after the second layer it is just beautiful.

Scofflaw - City Snowfall - Mani mit Flashe
Scofflaw – City Snowfall
Scofflaw - City Snowfall - Mani Closeup
Mani Closeup

Scofflaw – City Snowfall with Stamping

And of course I had to do a Snowflake Stamping on top of City Snowfall. I’ve used VividLacquer Plate VL006 (Here you can see the and buy the plates). Stamping polish is Gold Espresso – and what should I say – the day after I put it on – it started snowing the next day. Yay!

Scofflaw - City Snowfall - with Stamping
Scofflaw - City Snowfall - with stamping and label
Stamping and Label

And what’s with you guys? Snow? No Snow? Please take me to the carribea? 😉
I still have the urge to run through knee deep snow while singing “Let it go” – just the knee deep snow is still mising.
Also I want to build a snowman again <3


ILNP Holo Hearts Decals

Today we have lots and lots of ILNP on the nails – I’ve painted some decals 🙂
If you’re interested in ILNP: Website
And yes I know – I was absend way too long *sigh* But I hope this will change again and I will post some more manis and nailarts.

ILNP Holo Hearts Gloss


Basecoat Essie – Help me grow
Base color ILNP – First Class
Stamping Color Mundo de Uñas – black
Stampingplate Vivid Lacquer – VL 009
colors ILNP – Kings & Queens, Iconic, Very Ornamental, Champagne Blush, Amanda Hugginkiss, Black Orchid
Topcoat Maybelline – Already Dry

And that is how it looks when I’m spending a lot of time doing nail decals.
ILNP Holo Hearts Making ofAnd for that mess I’ve got the Simply Neat Miracle Mat  still my favourite ground for work like that – otherwise my desk would look like a paintball arena 🙂

First one thick Coat Basecoat on the mat. After a short drying time I’ve stamped on that and colored the stamping. After finishing that I’ll leave it to dry completely. And then Finish the decal with a thick layer of “First Class” My base color.  And then – let it dry completely. Good thing with this mat – you always can go to the toilet while doing the decals.
After a good drying periode I peeled the decals carefully off the mat. Then I started fitting the decal to the nail. First a bit roughly.  Then I Use the base color “First Class” to glue the Decal to the nail.

ILNP Holo Hearts without Topcoat

And because using the matte for decals the Decals itself become sort of Matt And because I like that I’ll start with pictures without Topcoat.

ILNP_Holo_Hearts_Matte ILNP_Holo_Hearts_Matte_Ring ILNP_Holo_Hearts_Matte_Mani_Bottle

ILNP Holo Hearts with Topcoat

And because I used holo polishes i had to use a Gloss Topcoat so that you can see the holo – because: Holo!



So. How do you like that? Too much? too much hearts? too much holo (as if ^_^) OR too much work? Or ar you thinking:  “Höhöhö! Holo!”

And considering summer is crazy around here – from time to time almost feels like it’s already fall – I have to use every opportunity and use all the holo – Because – Sun and Holo is just perfection.


Soccer Euro 2016 – #GERSVK

You might think – ok she’s late. Yes, I did not make it. I watched the soccer game but I hadn’t the german themed mani. But it was comic con weekend and I had no time. At least I wore ‘Aim to misbehave’ the number 1000 Shade from Essie. And – considering the fact that Nathan Filion was there. 😉
So – there – The nails were only gold – so I did some dry brushes in later on in red and black.
Fussball GERSVK Finger


Basecoat Essie – Help me grow
color Essie – Blanc, Licorice, Aim to misbehave p2 – Portugal
Topcoat Maybelline – 3D Gel Effect

yes – in retrospect – it is a bit heavy on the gold side but hey 🙂Fussball GERSVK HandThe ring you can find on the page from Chao und Eero. Fussball GERSVK ManiI try to decide which finger I like best but I think – middlefinger – as always – always the middlefinger 😉 If you want to see my other Black red Gold Nails you can go here. I really hope I can do my nails until the final game 🙂 But then I will keep my distance from the color combination. But I also saw in the statistics that quite a few soccer related searches come here 🙂


Soccer Euro 2016 – #NIRGER

Soccer – again 😉 The third and last Game in the Groups vs Northern Ireland: #NIRGER and because I made it a tradition to paint my nails for the games – and as mentioned – a bit of paranoia 😉 Well – I just continue to polish my nails of possible 🙂
Fussball NIRGER Mani


Basecoat Essie – Help me grow
color Essie – Blanc, Licorice, Aim to misbehave p2 – Portugal

I did a sugar spun Mani back in the World Championship (you can have a look here – german only)  so I did it again. This Time I used Simply Peel Liquid Latex Barrier so the mess was on a minimum – sugar spun never again without liquid latex 🙂Fussball NIRGER Latex

Sadly Aim to misbehave doesn’t work that good in sugar spun manis – a bit too thick and goopy. Next time I wouldn’t use it for this mani. But well.  Try and Error. 🙂 if you have a closer look at the pictures you will see what I mean when I say ‘thick and goopy’ 😉

Fussball NIRGER CloserBut well – looking at that
Fussball NIRGER Fingermaybe not at close up
Fussball NIRGER HandIt doesn’t look that bad… it looks quite nice. And after realizing – using Liquid latex for sugar spun nails reduces the mess a lot – I should do these frequently.
And – do I annoy you with my soccer nails? Do you ignore me or do you thing ‘oh well – it looks nice’
Well I like it – I surely wouln’t use Aim to misbehave again for this but as I said – Try and error 😉


Soccer Euro 2016 – #GERPOL

And here we go again soccer Euro – the next game of Germany: Poland – Germany #GERPOL. After the Championship I am a bit superstitious concerning my nails and the results – so I will continue to do my nails for every game 🙂
Today – a multicolor Stamping black red gold on white. I planned for something different but I will save that for the next game.



Basecoat Essie – Help me grow
Basecolor Essie – Blanc
Stampingcolor Essie – Licorice, Aim to misbehave p2 – Portugal
Stampingplate BornPretty – BP-17
Topcoat Maybelline – 3D Gel Effect

I have to say – Aim to misbehave is a really good soccer Euro Flag polish 😀 It’s good for stamping (of course not that good on darker polishes) And I like the polish (I mean – aim to misbehave? – Hello!!) Essie did a very good job there. 😀GERPOL Manidrawback stamping like that is – the flag is only correct like this. But hey. Had different plans settled for that  – next game. If anyone is wondering about the ring:  Chao & Eero. GERPOL HandAnd now I have to go – fingers crossed and stuff 🙂


Soccer Euro 2016 – #GERUKR

Some of you might have noticed. If not – it is again Soccer time: Euro 2016. Congratulation – obviously you missed all the Fanstuff like toiletpaper and stuff. Anyway – I don’t have to buy that stuff. Like back in 2014 it is a good opportunity to paint the nails in the colors of the german flag 🙂 – Here you can see all my flag/soccer related Manicures – at the moment only available in German – working on that 🙂

And today for the first game of the German team against the ukraine I put that on my nails
Soccer Euro 2016 GERUKR Mani


Basecoat Essie – Help me grow
colors Essie – Blanc, Licorice, Aim to missbehave p2 – Portugal
Vinyls/Nailart TwinkledT, Simply Peel Liquid Latex Barrier
Topcoat Maybelline – 3D Gel Effect

Soccer Euro 2016 GERUKR Closer Soccer Euro 2016 GERUKR HandSo do you watch any of the soccer games or aren’t you interested in Soccer at all?



Essie Resort Collection 2016

Hi, we just ignore the fact that I haven’t posted in a month. I just asking myself – where did the time go? Anyway back to the topic Essie LE 😀 Yes – after the LE is before the next LE. (I’ve ignored the retro revival LE – But sooner or later there will be a post on them) And now there will be the Resort Collection (yeah – in Germany we’re a bit off/late/whatever. This LE has four colors (phew – only four) And before I type on and on I just show you some pictures. In case you’re wondering – yes – these aren’t the EU Version with the wide brush but the US Version with the small brush but hey – not a problem. Two Layers and I’m done.

Essie - Resort 2016

Essie – Deli dance

There is no more Barbie then this 🙂 Two Layers and the Polish is perfect. Well what should I say – Pink 🙂 some time later I thought – well – let’s do some stamping. I used the Pet’la Plate – Mente and Colour alike B. a Rudolph.Essie - Resort 2016 Delhi Dance Essie - Resort 2016 Delhi Dance Stamping Essie - Resort 2016 Delhi Dance Stamping Hand

Essie – Going guru

I have to say – this was the polish I was sure I want to get. Sometimes it i hard to be a rainbowy girl. Life would be easier if I just like purple 😀 But hey – opaque in two coats and not streaky or patchy.Essie Resort 2016 Going Guru Essie Resort 2016 hand

Essie – namas-stay the night

Blue – oh yes –  Essie Blue Victim – gotta get them all 🙂 Same here – opaque in 2 layers – I did a small stamping with Bundlemonster – BM-XL210 and Colour Alike Aurora.Essie - Resort 2016 Nama-stay the nightThe last Polish of the Resort Collection is taj-ma-haul but I think that would mix up with my skintone  so I didn’t get it.

If you want to see the color just have a look here.

Did you guys get any of the colors? Or where you more like ‘meh not this time’?


Inglot – 694

Maybe you’ve seen it on Instagram. Recently Inglot opened a little Store in Nuremberg – and of course I had to visit. The shop is not directly in the inner city, but if you know your way around that is no problem (Kurt Schuhmacher Str. 8).
First I checked the Website to see which products may be interesting – and of course I checked the Nailpolish. The Color selection is awesome, but online there was nothing standing out. But live in the store:

Inglot - 694 Bottle

Then I was standing in the store – a small one, but the colors. *phew* The nice employees were very kind and loved to explain all the different products – and that pink Neon Pigment – just wow.
I also take a look at the nailpolishes and then I saw that one polish. Love at first sight. I swatched the polish and it was decided (oh an the 10% off helped).
If searched my collection but didn’t find anything close to the Inglot – 694 blue-blurple

Here a small comparison with colors from my collection:

fltr: Inglot – 694, Opi – Tomorrow never die, Astor – Berry Cocktail, China Glaze – Bizarre Blurple, Essie – Midnight Cami, China Glaze – Tempest

Of course I had to use the polish back home.
First finger – first layer – streaky – not so good
Second finger – better
And after the second layer it is simply perfection. *drool*
Inglot - 694 Mani1 Inglot - 694 Mani Bottle Inglot - 694 Mani Bottle4 Inglot - 694 Mani Bottle1 Inglot - 694 Hand Inglot - 694 Hand

Things you shouldn’t do:
Use the Ünt – Peel Off base and no topcoat – the next morning the polish already started crackling.
So I removed the mani uses Essie – help me grow and used the Inglot polish again. For finish the Essie – Gel setter. And this combination just stays on the nails – just some minor tipwear.


I really fell in Love with the polish.
And for the fun of it – that is how the beauty looks mattified 🙂

Inglot - 694 matt Mani5 Inglot - 694 matt Hand