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Essie – Eternal Love – Bridal LE 2016

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I just discovered a new display filled with the polishes from the Eternal Love Collection. And I have to admit I completely missed out this Limited Edition. And I couldn’t find any swatches online. That is why I  sit down yesterday and swatched all the polishes.

The Collection includes 6 Polishes. Compared to the last years Bridal LE, which included a lot of sheer polishes, we have only two sheer polishes this year. And there is also a fantastic one coater. Colorwise Essie did not reinvent the wheel but remember – Bridal is not supposed to be a neon paintball party.  Let’s start with the Swatches. I also searched in my Essie Collection for Dupes or similar colors. And I also did a little Stamping Experiment with the polishes.

coming together

Here we have the first of the sheer polishes.
After the first Layer it doesn’t look like there is any polish on your nails. The second Layer is better and after the third layer I really liked how the polish looked on my fingers (3 layers are the maximum I use) In the End you have a pink without the white tone.

Essie - coming together (1 Schicht)

Essie – coming together (1 layer)

Essie - coming together (2 Schichten)

Essie – coming together (2 layers)

Essie - coming together (3 Schichten)

Essie – coming together (3 layers)

Essie - coming together

Essie – coming together

passport to happiness

One of the Colorpops in this LE. You could make this polish cover in One Coat but usually I use two coats to make get an even result. I would call this color a muted mint with an amazing green shimmer which is still visible on the Nails. Sometimes the shimmer gets lost on the nails – not with this color.

Essie - Passport to happiness Essie - Passport to happiness Hand

steal his name

The second candidate of the Sheer polishes. Other than with “coming together” you can see the polish on the nails after the first layer.  After the second Layer the color gets more intense but after the third Layer the color and result is really beautiful – a  rose-peach tone. I also had no issues while painting my nails – no streaking whatsoever.

Essie - Steal his name (1 Schicht)

Essie – Steal his name (1 layer)

Essie - Steal his name (2 Schichten)

Essie – Steal his name (2 layers)

Essie – Steal his name (3 Schichten)

Essie - Steal his name

Essie - Steal his name Hand

groom service

A beautifil solid Purple, also coverage would be possible if you use a slightly thicker coat. This is the second color pop of the LE but regarding all the polishes this collection contains a bit boring. Sure it is beautiful but there is no shimmer just a simple purple. I had no issues painting my nails – no streaks and in two thin layers the result is fine.

Essie - groom service

Essie - groom service Hand

between the seats

From the first look you think “Urban Jungle” and  I can tell – they are very close. the Coverage is slightly better with “between the seats” But als usual I used two thin coats.

Essie - between the seats hand

mrs always-right

Wow… just WOW. This is a really stunning Onecoater. And I am a bit head over heels. A beautiful terracotta red, slightly pinkish. Painting is a dream. you really need only one coat. At first look in the display I was like “Ok – Essie is good with red – here we have another one” bit this one – beside the one coat fact – I don’t have any Essie red in my collection coming close to this one. On the Pictures it is again two thin coats.

Essie - Mrs always-right Essie - Mrs always-right Licht Essie - Mrs always-right Hand


Now – to help you decide some other colors from Essie to compare if you need one of the polishes.


from top to bottom: peak show, just stitched, steal his name, Back in the limo


from top to bottom: Maximilian Strasse her, passport to happiness, Mint Candy apple, turquoise & caicos


from top to bottom: with the band, A-list, Mrs always-right, In stitches, Angora cardi


from top to bottom: play date, groom service, full steam ahead, bond with whomever


from top to bottom: Romper room, coming together, I pink I can, groove is in the heart


from top to bottom: Wrap me up, between the seats, urban jungle


After realizing that Mrs always-right is a onecoater I had to test the Limited Editon if they are usable for stamping. Of course without the sheer polishes.
And yes – they are working. Basecolor Mrs always-right and ring finger “between the seats”

Essie Bridal LE / Eternal Love 2016 Stamping

index finger: passport to happiness
middle finger: between the seats
ring finger: mrs always-right
pinkie finger: groom service

Of course the colors don’t work that good on a dark base but hey, we all know the struggle stamping with lighter colors over dark base, and for that the result is very good


Colorwise not that suprising, but what really got me was “mrs always-right” I mean – the name alone ^^ and then a one coater. All of the polishes were easy to apply, I had no problems with streaking, the coverage of the non sheer polishes is awesome.

Did you get any of the LE polishes?
Wie schaut es bei euch aus – gibt es Lacke aus der LE die es vielleicht zu euch nach Hause schaffen

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