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Inglot – 694

[Advertisement by showing and naming the brand]

Maybe you’ve seen it on Instagram. Recently Inglot opened a little Store in Nuremberg – and of course I had to visit. The shop is not directly in the inner city, but if you know your way around that is no problem (Kurt Schuhmacher Str. 8).
First I checked the Website to see which products may be interesting – and of course I checked the Nailpolish. The Color selection is awesome, but online there was nothing standing out. But live in the store:

Inglot - 694 Bottle

Then I was standing in the store – a small one, but the colors. *phew* The nice employees were very kind and loved to explain all the different products – and that pink Neon Pigment – just wow.
I also take a look at the nailpolishes and then I saw that one polish. Love at first sight. I swatched the polish and it was decided (oh an the 10% off helped).
If searched my collection but didn’t find anything close to the Inglot – 694 blue-blurple

Here a small comparison with colors from my collection:


fltr: Inglot – 694, Opi – Tomorrow never die, Astor – Berry Cocktail, China Glaze – Bizarre Blurple, Essie – Midnight Cami, China Glaze – Tempest

Of course I had to use the polish back home.
First finger – first layer – streaky – not so good
Second finger – better
And after the second layer it is simply perfection. *drool*
Inglot - 694 Mani1 Inglot - 694 Mani Bottle Inglot - 694 Mani Bottle4 Inglot - 694 Mani Bottle1 Inglot - 694 Hand Inglot - 694 Hand

Things you shouldn’t do:
Use the Ünt – Peel Off base and no topcoat – the next morning the polish already started crackling.
So I removed the mani uses Essie – help me grow and used the Inglot polish again. For finish the Essie – Gel setter. And this combination just stays on the nails – just some minor tipwear.


I really fell in Love with the polish.
And for the fun of it – that is how the beauty looks mattified :)

Inglot - 694 matt Mani5 Inglot - 694 matt Hand


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