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Essie Resort Collection 2016

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Hi, we just ignore the fact that I haven’t posted in a month. I just asking myself – where did the time go? Anyway back to the topic Essie LE :D Yes – after the LE is before the next LE. (I’ve ignored the retro revival LE – But sooner or later there will be a post on them) And now there will be the Resort Collection (yeah – in Germany we’re a bit off/late/whatever. This LE has four colors (phew – only four) And before I type on and on I just show you some pictures. In case you’re wondering – yes – these aren’t the EU Version with the wide brush but the US Version with the small brush but hey – not a problem. Two Layers and I’m done.

Essie - Resort 2016

Essie – Deli dance

There is no more Barbie then this :) Two Layers and the Polish is perfect. Well what should I say – Pink :) some time later I thought – well – let’s do some stamping. I used the Pet’la Plate – Mente and Colour alike B. a Rudolph.Essie - Resort 2016 Delhi Dance Essie - Resort 2016 Delhi Dance Stamping Essie - Resort 2016 Delhi Dance Stamping Hand

Essie – Going guru

I have to say – this was the polish I was sure I want to get. Sometimes it i hard to be a rainbowy girl. Life would be easier if I just like purple :D But hey – opaque in two coats and not streaky or patchy.Essie Resort 2016 Going Guru Essie Resort 2016 hand

Essie – namas-stay the night

Blue – oh yes –  Essie Blue Victim – gotta get them all :) Same here – opaque in 2 layers – I did a small stamping with Bundlemonster – BM-XL210 and Colour Alike Aurora.Essie - Resort 2016 Nama-stay the nightThe last Polish of the Resort Collection is taj-ma-haul but I think that would mix up with my skintone  so I didn’t get it.

If you want to see the color just have a look here.

Did you guys get any of the colors? Or where you more like ‘meh not this time’?

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