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Soccer Euro 2016 – #NIRGER

Soccer – again 😉 The third and last Game in the Groups vs Northern Ireland: #NIRGER and because I made it a tradition to paint my nails for the games – and as mentioned – a bit of paranoia 😉 Well – I just continue to polish my nails of possible 🙂
Fussball NIRGER Mani


Basecoat Essie – Help me grow
color Essie – Blanc, Licorice, Aim to misbehave p2 – Portugal

I did a sugar spun Mani back in the World Championship (you can have a look here – german only)  so I did it again. This Time I used Simply Peel Liquid Latex Barrier so the mess was on a minimum – sugar spun never again without liquid latex 🙂Fussball NIRGER Latex

Sadly Aim to misbehave doesn’t work that good in sugar spun manis – a bit too thick and goopy. Next time I wouldn’t use it for this mani. But well.  Try and Error. 🙂 if you have a closer look at the pictures you will see what I mean when I say ‘thick and goopy’ 😉

Fussball NIRGER CloserBut well – looking at that
Fussball NIRGER Fingermaybe not at close up
Fussball NIRGER HandIt doesn’t look that bad… it looks quite nice. And after realizing – using Liquid latex for sugar spun nails reduces the mess a lot – I should do these frequently.
And – do I annoy you with my soccer nails? Do you ignore me or do you thing ‘oh well – it looks nice’
Well I like it – I surely wouln’t use Aim to misbehave again for this but as I said – Try and error 😉

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