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ILNP Holo Hearts Decals

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Today we have lots and lots of ILNP on the nails – I’ve painted some decals :)
If you’re interested in ILNP: Website
And yes I know – I was absend way too long *sigh* But I hope this will change again and I will post some more manis and nailarts.

ILNP Holo Hearts Gloss


Basecoat Essie – Help me grow
Base color ILNP – First Class
Stamping Color Mundo de Uñas – black
Stampingplate Vivid Lacquer – VL 009
colors ILNP – Kings & Queens, Iconic, Very Ornamental, Champagne Blush, Amanda Hugginkiss, Black Orchid
Topcoat Maybelline – Already Dry

And that is how it looks when I’m spending a lot of time doing nail decals.
ILNP Holo Hearts Making ofAnd for that mess I’ve got the Simply Neat Miracle Mat  still my favourite ground for work like that – otherwise my desk would look like a paintball arena :)

First one thick Coat Basecoat on the mat. After a short drying time I’ve stamped on that and colored the stamping. After finishing that I’ll leave it to dry completely. And then Finish the decal with a thick layer of “First Class” My base color.  And then – let it dry completely. Good thing with this mat – you always can go to the toilet while doing the decals.
After a good drying periode I peeled the decals carefully off the mat. Then I started fitting the decal to the nail. First a bit roughly.  Then I Use the base color “First Class” to glue the Decal to the nail.

ILNP Holo Hearts without Topcoat

And because using the matte for decals the Decals itself become sort of Matt And because I like that I’ll start with pictures without Topcoat.

ILNP_Holo_Hearts_Matte ILNP_Holo_Hearts_Matte_Ring ILNP_Holo_Hearts_Matte_Mani_Bottle

ILNP Holo Hearts with Topcoat

And because I used holo polishes i had to use a Gloss Topcoat so that you can see the holo – because: Holo!



So. How do you like that? Too much? too much hearts? too much holo (as if ^_^) OR too much work? Or ar you thinking:  “Höhöhö! Holo!”

And considering summer is crazy around here – from time to time almost feels like it’s already fall – I have to use every opportunity and use all the holo – Because – Sun and Holo is just perfection.

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