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Delush Polish – Gentle Lion with stamping

[Advertisement by showing and naming the brand]

I was watching some of the pictures from  Chrissy’s Lackwahnsinn (Here you can find her blog – but careful – this can lead to some serious polish orders ^_^) and so I ordered some of the Delush Polish colors – so I will show you some more in the future.

Thanks to DHL the package didn’t arrive on monday but on Saturday – yay. So what to do – sure thing – paint the nails. First one is Gentle Lion because my sign is leo and it is just beautiful.

Delush Polish - Gentle Lion - Bottle

This is Delush Polish saying about Gentle Lion: A mauve cream, dusted with delicate yet fierce copper color shifting flakies and gorgeous shimmer that’s bound to make you roar! (Source: Delush Website)


Basecoat Ünt – Ready for takeoff
Basecolor Delush Polish – Gentle Lion
Stampingcolor Colour Alike – B. a Rudolph
Stampingplate Moyou London – Hipster Collection 15
Topcoat Maybelline – Already dry!

The application is a no brainer because the brush is a bit wider. I also need two layers to smooth everything out. When I look really close I can see that i took some polish of with the second layer. I might have used another thin layer. But only if you look really really close.

Pictures Delush Polish – Gentle Lion

And now some pictures of this beauty.

Delush Polish - Gentle Lion - Mani Delush Polish - Gentle Lion - Mani2

Can we please take a moment and apreciate the label? I love these teeny tiny special things indie labels do. Sometimes it also stands and falls with packaging. And also the Lion from the Moyou London Hipster Collection 15 plate is matching the label perfect. <3 The Stamping color from Colour Alike – B. a Rudolph is also matching quite nicely – I did not want the stamping to stand out that much so I am pretty happy how this turned out.

Delush Polish - Gentle Lion - Label

Do you have Delush Polish colors or do you think about getting some? Und – additional question – are you more tempted to buy a polish when the naming is just perfect? I have to admit – if I like the color and the name is too adorable or fitting I most likely going to buy the polish.

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