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Moo Moo’s Signatures – Moo Magic in a Pot

[Advertisement by showing and naming the brand]

Not so long ago my first Moo Moo’s Signatures Polishes from a Group Order arrived – I had the Polishes on my radar for quite some time but I never ordered any – don’t ask me why. But with Moo Magic in a Pot it was love. Sometimes that happens :D Moo Moo’s Signatures Polishes you can get hier or hier (and you can have a look at the Stockists Info on the Bigcartel page).

Moo Moo's Signatures -Moo in a pot - Teddy

Cute Picture with a very very small teddybear


Basecoat Ünt – Ready for takeoff
Color Essie – hip-anema
Moo Moo’s Signatures – Moo Magic in a Pot
Topcoat Maybelline – Alread Dry!

Moo Moo's Signatures -Moo in a pot - Bottle

As you can see – this polish is taking the name magic very seriously. There is everything inside you can imagine Glitterwise – Holocircles, dotted glitter, stars – everything.

Moo Moo’s Signature about the polish:
“A red jelly with lots of glitters. It has neon pink daisies, tiny black stars, purple diamonds, small dots, large dots, color-shifting iridescent glitters and hexes.” (Source: Bigcartel Website)

Because I am very lazy sometimes I use a similar Nailpolish Color underneath (I do not like jelly polish on my nails that much) – also it saves Nailpolish because I don’t need three layers. So this is one layer of Essie – Hip-anema, a very similar red as base and one layer Moo magic in a Pot.


Pictures of Moo Moo’s Signatures – Moo Magic in a Pot

Moo Moo's Signatures -Moo in a pot - Mani


Moo Moo's Signatures -Moo in a pot - Closeup

I have to check if and where I can get something like Glitter Food from Nail Polish Boldness. I am one of those people cutting themselfs with bigger glitter in nailpolish. Luckily I am not Edward Scissorhands or Freddy Krüger :) But I fell for that nailpolish so I have to deal with that – please just tell me that I am not the only one cutting herself with glitterpolish ;)

PS: I have deactivated the mandatory fields for comments for some testing so – bring it on :)

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