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Scofflaw – Prototypes and Limited Edition

[Advertisement by showing and naming the brand]

So. Because these Scofflaw Beauties were only available during a short Sales period I will show all three polishes I got in one post. The prototypes were limited two per customer. You can order the polishes here. By the way – prototype means you get a mixed polish which never made it into the shop – you also don’t get to choose the colors – basically it is like a suprise bag – And I am very happy with what I got. :)
I got two Prototypes and the Limited Edition Meowtallica

Scofflaw – Prototype 1 Mint

In the bottle you see the mint basecolor and the beautiful pink-purple-blue Shimmer.

Scofflaw - Prototyp Mint Bottle

Well what should I say – it is mint <3

Sadly the Shimmer is nowhere to be seen on the nail once you put it there. But When I use that polish again I will try to lure the shimmer out – with using some Nailpolishremover in the end.
Here you see two layers – no issues there.

Scofflaw - Prototyp Mint Mani

And currently I am in the “I have to stamp on everything” mood I put some green leaves on. I have used the Moyra Florality 2 Plate – But I forgot which Stamping Polish I used. (But it should be either Essie – Stylenomics or a Konad Stamping polish.

Scofflaw - Prototyp Mint Mani Stamping

Scofflaw – Prototype 2 Blue

It’s kinda interesting that you don’t see the Silver and Blue Shimmer in the Bottle Shot. But oh well – I am also still trying to figure out the best photo setup.

Scofflaw - Prototyp Blau Bottle

The polish is so amazing – it is a baby blue with some shimmer but is packed with different shapes and colours of glitter: Stars, hearts and dots. I didn’t stamp on this one because it is  party on its own :)

Scofflaw - Prototyp Blau Mani

Scofflaw – Meowtallica

And now the limited Edition beauty. Again – such a beauty. I am sometimes tempted onöy by the names – but the polish is awesome as well – Blue and purple shimmer and additional Holo.

Scofflaw - Meowtallica Bottle

Luckily this also shows on the nails. Two layers and everything is fine.

Scofflaw - Meowtallica Mani

Scofflaw - Meowtallica Mani closer

And because I have the BM-S162 Plate from Bundlemonster with a Meow and cat paws it was clear what’s happening next.

Scofflaw - Meowtallica Stamping

Suprise polishes are always tricky – do you get colors you like or will there be polishes you won’t like at all. But I also loved suprise packages as a kid so – I will splurge in suprise polishes every now and then. But I am very happy with the polishes I got.

Do you also have a Brand – Indie or Drugstore which you love obessively? (Obvious for me it is Scofflaw ^_^)

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