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Illamasqua – Poke and Nurture

[Advertisement by showing and naming the brand]

I have about 6 polishes from Illamasqua I found all of them in Tk Maxx Stores. And yes – I already used Poke. You can find the Blogpost here (only in german) It is official – I use polishes twice – maybe I just get sick :)

And because of current events – you can read about here I actually think about ordering some of their products, well we’ll see.

Anyway – today I have two of the polishes. One – how suprising a purple und a nice neon green.

Illamasqua - Nurture and Poke Bottle

Then we start with the first polish.

Illamasqua – Poke

Sure thing I didn’t skip the purple polish. Not only is it purple, no it also has a silver shimmer. And to be honest – I like silver better than gold. The brush is slim but the application was pretty easy and after two layers it was perfectly opaque.

Illamasqua - Poke - Bottle

You can see the silver shimmer pretty good in the bottle.

Illamasqua - Poke - Mani Illamasqua - Poke - Mani 2

The silver shimmer is still visible on the nails – Usually the shimmer which is visible in the bottle is hiding on the nails – but not in this case. Yay.

Illamasqua – Nurture

Usually I am big with Holo and Multichrome but I have also a thing for Neon colors.

First of all as a hint – the polish dries matt. But in a strange Version of matt. Somewhere in between matt and some sort of waxy shine  which I personally don’t like so I finish with a topcoat.

This one also has a slim brush and the application was a bit annoying. After two layers it was ok and the topcoat fixed some of the imperfections.

Illamasqua - Nurture - Bottle Illamasqua - Nurture - Mani

With Neon Polishes I love to use contrasting colors for stamping – also this is another option to hide some inperfections – or let’s call it ‘safe the mani’ if you understand what I mean. I not only separate garbage but I also recycle manicures :)

Stamping plate I used here is from Vivid Lacquer – VL002

Illamasqua - Nurture - Stamping Illamasqua - Nurture - Stamping 2

Do you have any products from Illamasqua?
I think I have a pink lipgloss I had in a glossybox way back so I can’t say much about their other products.

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