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Essie – Strike a pose-itano with Stamping

[Advertisement by showing and naming the brand]

Jackpot – Essie Counter in the Drugstore Rossmann with the new Resort 2017 LE  -30% on nailpolish during the Glamour Shoppingweek and another 10% coupon – You can imagine what happened. So it might happen that there show up one or another of the Resort Polishes. Just keep your eyes open – here or on my  Instagram Account – because sometime I just post some nail pictures there when I am to lazy to type a whole blogpost ;)

Today we are starting with a minty “Strike a pose-itano”

Essie - Strike a pose-itano Bottle - Resort 2017

As usual the polish is perfect after two thin coats. I had no issues that anything got patchy. I think that might be the reason why I like the Essie Polishes that much (as a small addition – I’m talking about the EU Versions because I really like the brushes there) I know what I get an can throw on colors in 10 Minutes and know the result.

Essie - Strike a pose-itano - Resort 2017

And because I was in the mood again and currently there are some good Stamping Vibes going on I decided to stamp on the mint. So I searched my Essie drawer for a fitting color.
And right before I ruined my Manicure I tested how good “Go overboard” will work as a stamping polish. And – as you can see in the results – Yes – the color is working – at least on light colours :)

So I stamped using Essie Go overboard and the Moyra Dreamology (27) Plate.

Essie – Strike a pose-itano with Go overboard stamping

Without Topcoat

Essie - Strike a pose-itano Stamping - Resort 2017

and with Topcoat

Essie - Strike a pose-itano Stamping with Topcoat - Resort 2017

You also like to search in your colours for working stamping colours? In this case it was easy because of the light base colour.

By the way – Pro tip: If you like getting compliments for your nails – just go to the next jewelery store and try on rings and bracelets :)
A simple “These are amazing artwork” can make your day :)

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