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Essie – Neon LE 2017 or should I say US 2016

[Advertisement by showing and naming the brand]

So you’re standing in front of the Essie polishes thinking ‘oh a new Limited Edition’ and then realizing “oh – it is the US Neon LE from 2016” Yes it is new but it is acutually from back in 2016 and they decided to bring it out this year – but only four of the six available colours from the us.
But let’s not cry about that.

Essie - Neons 2016 2017

Essie - Neons 2016 2017 - UV

And looking at the Essie colours – these are really Neon colors. Now there will be discussions “Oh well but you have to use a white base” blah blah – yes but you can make them work in two coats (white base and colour) and I also know that there are some colours which don’t need a white base like this one here or example.
But hey – it is a beginning.
Oh and the Polishes tend to dry a bit on the matte side. But I usually use a topcoat.

Now – shall we begin?


Essie – prime & pop basecoat

Essie - Neons 2016 2017 - Prime and Pop

Yes – I am also talking about the white Basecoat. This one is opaque in one layer but it is a bit difficult to work with because it is quite different in the consistence – it has more of a tipp Ex feeling. So – deep breath and lacquer on.

Essie – Mark on Miami

Essie - Neons 2016 2017 - Mark on Miami

Yes – an orangy Neon polish. With a good white base you just need one good layer of “Mark on Miami” and you are set. From the Bunch I had the feeling that this one is the one you could work with  easy.  And it didn’t get patchy

Essie – gallery gal

Essie - Neons 2016 2017 - Gallery Gal

A beautiful bright coral. Also a bit on the tricky side but the resul is just stunning.

Essie – off the wall

Essie - Neons 2016 2017 - Off the wall

Pink – let’s be honest – Essie can do pink. I mean look at watermelon – that alone is awesome and “off the wall” with a white base is just – bam neon.

Essie - Neons 2016 2017 - Off the wall UV

and, because it is fun – Blacklight! :)

Essie – the fuchsia of art

Essie - Neons 2016 2017 - The Fuchsia of art

This one gave me some headaches – It took me two tries until I was satisfied. And Purple is my favourite – so sad. But ok – you only have to go the extra mile with this one then it will work as well – but that is just my impression :) But with enough Patience – it will work out

Considering the colours Essie usually does these are definitly neon. and they are fun. They might not be the easiest formular to work with but the result ist beautiful (if you dont get blotchy with “the fuchsia of art” like me in my first try)
Beside fuchsia of art and the white base they are good to work with (I should not work with them on a bad polish day – my patience is runnig really low on these days)

And to be complete i will show you now the two polishes which didn’t make it to the German market. They were part of the US Neon Polishes 2016 but not on the German market.
(By the way – I could not see any visible differences between US and EU polishes – so I prefer the EU polishes because of the Brush and because I have the feeling that they are not as running as the US Version.

Essie – In it to wyn it

Essie - Neons 2016 - In it to wyn it

I really don’t know why they did not bring it out in Germany – the colour is beautiful and really bright. (Other than that the image did not catch the excact tone if the colour)

Essie – Stencil me inEssie - Neons 2016 - Stencil me in

A bam citrus lemon green also didn’t make it.

And that’s it. Really.
And if someone noticed. Yes I do have a new Layout :) Spring Cleaning
So – do you like it? not at all? Just tell me.

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