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Essie – Gel Couture – Gala 2017

[Advertisement by showing and naming the brand]

Maybe you noticed I was a week in good old London and of course I was shopping. You could even say I was shopping 2.0. :) For Example Essie Polishes – here I show you the part of my shopping goodies – for now from the Gel coutoure Line. Two of them – Sizzling hot and Style stunner and another two polishes (pink and purple) are already in stores now in Germany.

Today I will show you thre of the Gel coutoure polishes I shopped in London:
Sizzling hot, front page worthy und style stunner

Essie - Gel couture - bottles top

Essie - Gel couture -bottles

I admit – Style Stunner and Sizzling Hot I have bought because I liked the shop images (No swatch images) Where they seem to be more vibrant, but well. At least they are pretty.

style stunner

This polish is a bit more on the orange side and opaque after two layers. It is beautiful but I have to say – he is not as vibrant as on the promotional pictures.

Essie - Gel couture - style stunner - Bottle

Essie - Gel couture - style stunner

Front Page worthy

After one layer I was slightly irritated, because the colour was really sheer. After the second layer – Oh My God. Beautiful. It is cooler toned than Aruba Blue with a shimmer.

Essie - Gel couture - front page worthy - bottle

Essie - Gel couture - front page worthy

sizzling hot

Here it was the same as with Style stunner – The promotion pictures looked very vibrant. In reality the polish is not as vibrant as I had hoped for but still beautiful. And – while wearing the polish I got complimented for the color so I am happy. :)

Essie - Gel couture - sizzling hot - Bottle Essie - Gel couture - sizzling hot

Searching for Dupes in Essie Shades

Let’s start with style stunner – And we all know – if there is something Essie can do it is red. So you will find similar colors. I have used Sunshine state of mind and Chubby cheeks for comparison, but you can see Style stunner is a bit on the orange side.

Essie - Gel couture - style stunner - dupes

With Front Page worthy I was asked how similar is to Aruba Blue. Fun Fact: When I travelled to London I wore Aruba Blue on my nails.
I hope you can see- Aruba Blue is lighter and a bit warmer than Front Page Worthy.

Essie - Gel couture - front page worthy - dupes

And last – sizzling hot. Here I have Sunset Sneaks and Berried Treasued from my collection. First one looks like a match to me.

Essie - Gel couture - sizzling hot - Dupes

Conclusion: I am not a fan of the Gel Couture polishes. The Bottles take quite some space in my helmer drawer. And I am to stingy because they are really expensive and I also only wear them for short time so I can’t see any differences concerning the longwearing. So I am happy with the standard Essie polishes. But in London there was this offer which made the price of the gel couture Polishes quite affordable so I bought them.
In retrospective I might have bought only Front Page worthy and not style stunner and sizzling hot.

Well – that’s it but stay tuned – I also got four of the Wild nudes coming out August in Germany.
And I also have seen the summer LE. :)

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