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Essie Wild Nudes Part 1

[Advertisement by showing and naming the brand]

In my last post I warned you that I found some of the Essie Wild Nudes on my London Trip. So I got “Winning streak”, “bare with me”, “Exposed” and “Clothing Optional” – those four seem to be the only ones available so lets start.

Bare with me

So “Bare with me” is a Nude which is not sheer. And it is opaque in two layers.

Essie-Wild_Nudes - Bare with me - Bottle

Essie-Wild_Nudes - Bare with me - Mani

And for comparison we have “High class affair”, “Bare with me” and “Demure Vix” (Please ignore the name on the Swatchstick – I really have to change that)

Essie-Wild_Nudes - Bare with me - Dupes

Out of the four polishes this is the one which is very close looking like (I just googled Leberwurst – I really don’t know if Liverwurst is the right translation ^_^) Anyway – this one is closest to not look flattering on me. But strangely in between i liked it.
I think I will try this one with some nailart like stamping – maybe I like the color even more. If you want to know what I mean with unflattering nail polish colours have a look here – I also already got rid of that polish :) But “Bare with me” is not that bad colour wise.


Next one. This is “Exposed” a beautiful green – not to bright colorwise. If you like you can get away with just one coat. But as usual I used two thin layers which is perfect.

Essie-Wild_Nudes - Exposed - Bottle

Essie-Wild_Nudes - Exposed - Mani

I searched through my essie stash but here I really didn’t find anything close. But for the comparison I picked “Sew psyched”, “Exposed” and “Power Clutch”.
Essie-Wild_Nudes - Exposed - Dupes

It is a beautiful green but I know that I will tend to this color more in Fall and winter because summer is bright color and holo for me – but otherwise – I just pick what I want :)

Clothing Optional

This is the second nude color – but d’oh – wild nudes ;)  This one is more on the brown side. As always – two thin layers and it is perfect and opaque.

Essie-Wild_Nudes - Clothing Optional - Bottle

Essie-Wild_Nudes - Clothing Optional - Mani

For comparison I have picked “Clothing optional”, “Island Hopping” and “Angora Cardi”. Still no exact dupe but if you need the 11th shade of almost the same tone you have to decide for yourself ;)
Essie-Wild_Nudes - Clothing Optional - Dupes

Winning Streak

Last but not least – the color I was looking forward to the most. Of course the colour ist tending to the purple side – so – tada – no wonder i like this one the most.
This beauty will be opaque in one layer – but as always I used two thin layers.

Essie-Wild_Nudes - Winning Streak - Bottle

Essie-Wild_Nudes - Winning Streak - Mani

Here I have a comparison  with “Madame Wiesn”, “Merino Cool” and “Winning Streak” – it is very similar to Merino Cool but no dupe.

Essie-Wild_Nudes - Winning Streak - Dupes

If you want to see all Wild nude have a look here. These are the four polishes I brought with me from my London trip. If you wonder – yes – they have the wide brushes. Now the only question is which polishes will be released in Germany in August. With Essie you never know – with the neons they brought out only four of them one year later in Germany (find my post about that here). So lets see. Maybe there will be some more wild nudes in my stash.

If I have to bring them in an order from most liked to less liked it would look like this:

  1. Winning Streak
  2. Exposed
  3. Clothing optional
  4. Bare with me

So, do you like the wild nudes. Did you get some, do you want to get some or do you think they are downright boring?
Essie is doing a good job formular wise – colors are ok too. And why do I like Essie so much? That is pretty easy – If I need something up and ready in 10 minutes Essie usually does the trick.

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