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Manhattan – Rita Ora – Go Wild-er-ness Stamping

[Advertisement by showing and naming the brand]

I have to say, ever since Manhattan changed their polishes to the new bottle I tend to stop by the counter a little more often. First – you can now put them in your drawer and second the polishes finally got Names. No more 78J or stuff like that. Yay.

A while ago I discovered a display with polishes from the “LAST & SHINE NAIL POLISH CHAMELEON COLOUR COLLECTION by Rita Ora”. What a name!. Here you can have a look at the Manhattan page and see the whole colour range. in the counter there were six colours available and in the extra display the rest of the colours.

Manhattan - Rita Ora Lacke

For this Mani I uses 964 Go Wild-er-ness as Base and as stamping colour I used 975 Hot Metal Love.

Manhattan - Go wild-er-ness Mani

Yepp, you can see which colour I am drawn to, right? :)

Manhattan - Go wild-er-ness Titelbild


You don’t see a lot from “Hot Metal Love” because I used the colour for stamping, but hey, you can see that the polish is working quite well as a staming polish.
The Plate I used is Moyra – 32 – Nature.

Manhattan - Go wild-er-ness


And, because I like it so much, a closeup of the stamping. And can we please just look at this for a minute and admire how good it turned out? I’m really happy when a stamping turns out that well. :)

Manhattan - Go wild-er-ness Stamping


The new Manhattan Polishes, well the square bottles with names have been around for a while now. How do you like them? I really like the wide brush – only the pinkie gets painted on because of the brush. But that is where the Clean Up is taking place.
So do you like them? Yes? No? Maybe?
Did you buy something from the Rita Ora Collection or ignored the display.
Btw if you like a really really bright pink I recommend Meow-tyful – that is one bright Pink!

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