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Catherine – Fluffy Pigment No. 9

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Hello everyone. Some time ago a small package from Catherine arrived. Containing Fluffy Pigment No. 9 and Holo for testing. And a small additional suprise I will use sometimes in the future.

We all know the Chrome nails, but the fluffy pigments are not for Mirror shine but fpr Duochrome.

Fluffy Pigment No. 9

Catherine - Fluffy Pigments No9


And the color – yes the color – anyone supprise I endet up with purple? No right? :) So I choose Fluffy Pigment No. 9 changing from blue to purple. You can buy the Pigments here – and also have a look at the other colors. I had the Pigments for quite some time and could play around with them. What I like about the pigments is that you don’t have to put it on the whole nail and rub it in but you also just can place some flakes on the nail.

Holo flakes

Catherine Holo Pigment

As a bonus I also received Holo Flakes. This is not one of those fine holo pigment.

And because I am a bit scatterbrained it is always funny when I work with pigments (I just wait for the day I accidentally sneeze while I have one of the jars open ^_^) Anyway. after working with those pigments everything sparkles. Even days later – sparkles everywhere – not only on my nails – so there is room for improvement.

Let’s start – and show the result from playing around :)

Catherine - Fluffy Pigments Mani


1 Packaging

That might sound weird but until now I only hat packaging which spilled a lot, packaging which did not spill but was very hard to get the product out so packaging counts. The fluffy pigments arrived in a little jar – if you don’t sneeze you can work with it easily.

2 Apply

I tried apply it with eyeshadow applicattor, silicon tool and finger. And the Winner is: Finger! I had the best feeling here pressing the pigment on the nail.

3 Topcoat

I tried Waterbased and my usual Topcoat. Both did not destroy or pull the pigment down. So this is a plus as well. If someone is playing around with Gel Systems can check that out – I’ve heard they work really well.

4 Color

It’s blue changing to purple. I repeat – Blue …. purple :)


To be honest. Looking at my collection I am pretty sure I have a Polish changing from blue to purple. But sometimes it is simply about the fun to play around with it. FRom all the Pigments I tried so far I liked this one the most. I absolutely going to play around with it some more. Maybe even get another Color of the Catherine Fluffy Pigments.

And now – the after using pigments pictures :)

Catherine - Fluffy Pigments - Pre Clean up

So that is how it look when you try to not make a mess – oh well ^_^

Catherine - Fluffy Pigments Closeup

On the Index Finger you can see what I talked about with the holo flakes. They are holo (Yeaaah) and they are beautiful, but they are no “bäm in your face holo pigment nails” but that is ok and you cn have fun with them anyway. :)

Here I tried using Nail vinyls to make a pattern with the holo flakes. Not so bad :)

Catherine - Fluffy Pigments Mani 2

And this is the result. It also looks quite nice if you don’t apply it to the whole nail but just dab it on like a flakie gradient.

Oh an fun fact – If you use the pigment on the whole nail it does not matter if you use black or white base color. At least I could not tell the difference.


Have you ever used flakes or pigments or maybe even Catherine Fluffy Pigments?

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