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Essie – Jade to measure – holiday collection

[Advertisement by showing and naming the brand]

I still don’t love the Gel Couture polishes from Essie. But once in a while they get to me with a really georgous colour.
Last time that happened was back in London – you can have a look at the polishes here.
And in this case I just saw the shimmering green and – oh well – have a look:

Essie - Jade to measure - bottle

As usual the polish is opaque after two layers. just like the usual Essie polish. Because it is a metallic shimmer finish you might get some stripes. But the Topcoat will help a little bit to blur theses lines. But nothing really annoying.

Essie - Jade to measure - before stamping

On  the middlefinger I used two layers “Stylenomics” which basically looks black but is a really dark green. But I wanted a dark polish because when I got a new polish with metallic fininsh I want to test if they can be used as a stamping polish. And yes, as you can see – it is working.

Essie - Jade to measure - Stamping

I used the Moyra 102 The last days of Summer plate from moyra (and this even though fall has.. well .. fallen ^_^)

As Topcoat I am testing the Essie Speedsetter – yes – also on Gel couture polishes. I am a rebel ^^
Until now I like the results. The polish is drying fast and its shiny. It might work a bit odd with the ünt Peel off base but as long as the polish still can be removed easily I do not mind. But I will investigate further :)

And now – the whole beautiful mani :)

Essie - Jade to measure - Mani

Did you notice the polishes from the Gel Holiday Collection 2017 or do you ignore them? (Yes I do not like the Gel Couture bottles). But as mentioned – every now and then I make an exception for Colours I really like. :)

How about you – do you like the gel couture polishes or do you just leave them?

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