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Scofflaw – Fight the untried polishes #1

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I think every polish junkie has this issue – well at least I have it – you have a lot of polishes and you really want to use them all but well. Hands, time, nails and you also want to wear them.
And now I used the current Restock from Scofflaw to have a look at my collection and which of them are not marked as used in my database. And then i put polish on my nails. And instead of posting every single polish seperately I just doing a brand post :)
And yes – I have a database – with pictures to every polish on swatchsticks. I am that kind of nerdy – and yes – database with pictures – not.

and here we go – sorted by release date

A run-by fruiting (Fall 2017)

This is one of the newest polishes – yes Fall 2017. On the picture you’re seeing two thin layers polish and topcoat. If someone is wondering why this beauty is in my collection. It is a purple Scofflaw polish – enough said :)

Scofflaw - A run-by fruiting

Fist full of foxes (Fall 2017)

Too bad that you can’t really see the gold Hologlitter on the pictures. It’s the usual issue – it is even prettier in person. Also – two layers and Topcoat. And sometimes it is just perfect with names and stamping plates. What else than a stamping of a fox from the moyou London plates should go on a polish called “fist full of foxes”.

Scofflaw - Fist full of foxes

The Kinky Grasshopper (Fall 2017 – LE Polish)

The Kinky grasshopper is the Limited Edition polish from the Fall Collection. I still think about how to combine this polish in a funny way with polishes like “Indifferent Cats in amateur porn” – or with “Conversations with inanimated objects”. We shall see.

Scofflaw - The kinky Grasshopper

Flamingo Fizz (Tiki)

“Flamingo Fizz” – anyone suprised that I HAD to stamp a Flamingo on this polish? No not really right?

Scofflaw - Flamingo Fizz

Scofflaw - Flamingo Fizz Stamping

Blue Zombie (Tiki)

The blue polishes from Finch are always so beautiful – this and the awesome glittermixes she is using. For example here we have blue hologlitter, red and yellow Glitterparticles in different sizes.

Scofflaw - Blue Zombie

Diamond Dogs (Winter 2016)

This polish has been around in my collection for some tme. This is one without glitter but with flakes and some blue-pink shimmer, which is of course not showing in the pictures.


Scofflaw - Diamond Dogs

Heavy Metal Sewing Circle (Winter 2016)

I could say – oh that is perfect for christmas. And yes – it is red and with Gold shimmer and some holo but I don’t care I also can wear this on eastern or on any given day because it is that beautiful.

Scofflaw - Heavy Metal Sewing Circle

Creature from the glitter Lagoon (Winter 2016)

Here we have another example how well the Glitter combinations are working. Here we have some square hologlitter in different sizes and also glitters in Yellow, orange and green.

Scofflaw - Creature from the glitter Lagoon

Rabbit in the moon (Winter 2015)

I really love this polish. It is a dark blue Jelly which will be opaque in two layers. It contains some bigger saphire blue and some smaller silver glitters.

Scofflaw - Rabbit in the moon

Furiosa (Fall 2015)

This beauty here I had to put on because the creator of Scofflaw adopted another dog and named her “Furiosa”. And I remembered that I have this polish here so – tada on my nails. I hink I have to do a combination of this one and “Love letter to Ziggy Pop”

Scofflaw - Furiosa

Love Letter to Mr Rogers (Summer 2014)

The Love letter polishes from Scofflaw are always something special. This one has a green base with gold flakes and red-orange shimmer.
I should have taken some more time while putting this on my nails then it would have looked a bit more even.

Scofflaw - Love letter to Mr Rogers

All of the shown polishes are two layers and opaque only the “Love letter to Mr Rogers” has pulled the first layer but if you let the first layer dry that will not be an issue.

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