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Essie – Resort Getaway Collection

[Advertisement by showing and naming the brand]

I have the feeling that I am currently blogging about Essie or Scofflaw – but oh well – I need some new years resolution ;) – If you’re following me on Instagram might see one or two times a year ome different polish brands.

Anyway – back to topic – Essie is going overboard with Collections lately – let me count: Fall LE, Octoberfest (in Germany), Lieblingsmensch (6 polishes now in the standard range display), Winter LE, then we have some Gift sets like minis or christmas ornaments and of course the Advent calendar (which I did not get this time because had a peek at the content and I already got too many of the polishes). Somewhere in between there were two Rebecca Minkoff Mini sets of course with exclusive colours. And very recently the Galaxy Metallics. But I was hoping that’s it for this year.

But no, it is not. Friday I found this untouched Display.
First I was thinking “oh hey put some standard colours on Display like they sometimes to together with goodies like a glas nailfile or a small topcoat or a pumice. But no – Except for “Peak show” which was winter 2015 LE and now is in the standard range all the colours are new. Ok “wild nude” we know by name but our wild nude LE had only six polishes and this one was not part of them – great right? Because we always get six polishes. Don’t ask me why we got Neon LE (we got it 2017 – it was US 2017) with four polishes and one white basecoat when there were six colours.

Yah – long Story short – here is the display:

Essie - Resort Getaway Kollektion - Aufsteller

back row (left to right): I’ll have another – first class fling – attendant to my needs
front row (left to right): wild nude – join the club – peak show

“Peak show” is already in my collection so I did not pick it up.

Let the fun begin:

Essie – I’ll have another

“I’ll have another” is a beautyful grey which is opaque in one easy coat. And as always if there is a one Coater I always try them for stamping. And yes it is working finde – It is very light but hey – if someone hasn’t already a light grey for stamping you get a double deal. I absolutely can recommend this polish.


Essie - I'll have another


I have searched for some of the grey polishes in my Essie Collection (of course I have not every grey Essie so..  ^_^)
“Cocktail bling” is close but application is nowhere as good  as “I’ll have another”. Sure one does not need all of these greys (but hey – polish addict over here) But if you’re searching for a gray I really can reccomend this.

On the picture (left to right): Cocktail Bling, I’ll have another, without a stitch

Essie - I'll have another - dupes

Essie – first class fling

Usually Essie is doing awesome reds. And of course I have enough red polishes. But this red can’t convince me. After two layers you can still see the nail through. It is a beautiful red but I am team opaque. so there are quite some polishes which work better for me. but this once again is personal preference.


Essie - first class fling


As you can see there are quite some polishes which are almost the same. so – if you already owing some of those reds you might not need this one.

On the picture (left to right): Color binge, Canyon Coral, First class fling, Russian Roulette

Essie - first class fling dupes

Essie – attendant to my needs

The first not I was making was “Oh.. it’s very pink” Oh well I think I have to write more than that. It is a beautiful pink which is opaque in two layers. the application is very easy and it dries down glossy. You know that those neon colurs tend to dry matte. Not this one but there is always Matte or glossy Topcoat to the rescue.


Essie - Attendant to my needs


Here you can see the different finishes you might get with brighter colours, but as I was saying – in case of emergency use different topcoats ;)

On the picture (left to right): Brides no grooms, Bottle Service, attendant to my needs, Off the wall

Essie - Attendant to my needs dupes

Essie – Wild Nude

Here we have the namesake of the “Wild nudes” opaque in two layers and – oh yes – not one of the colours looking on my like i smeared Liverwurst (still not sure about that word xD) on my nails. This also reminds me – I crave a slice of bread with liverwurst (really – or is google translator trolling me?) and gherkins – oh well I stray from the topic.
Two layers usual good application.


Essie - Wild nude


I don’t have a lot of Essies in this colour range for comparison – as mentioned – these colours tend to look really unhealthy with my skin.

On the picture (left to right): Lady like, Wild nude

Essie - Wild nude - dupes

Essie – Join the club

I love the application of this Blue polish – again you could get away with one coat but absolutely perfect in two layers.


Essie - join the club


I was pretty sure “Mesmerized” looked pretty similar, but next to each other – nope. Of course – if you don’t mind the slight difference you might not need both.. if you’re a polish junkie – you maybe need both ;) )

On the picture (left to right): Mesmerized, Join the club, Chills & thrills

Essie - join the club - dupes

Essie – Peak Show

Peak show is a really light pink with a white undertone. This is one of the polishes you already could get back in 2015 in the winter LE and at the moment it is also available in the standard range. Again – perfect in two layers.

And because I already bought this one back in 2015 I didn’t buy it again but got it out of the drawer.


Essie - Peak Show


I have a suprising amount of light pink Essie Polishes. But still no one quite like “Peak Show” because it is very light with a white undertone.

On the picture (left to right): Fiji, Peak Show, Urban Jungle, Mixtaupe

Essie - Peak Show - dupes


If someone is thinking about getting some colours of this collection – I really can recommend the grey “I’ll take another” and the blue “join the club”.
Both polishes a really easy to work with (and yes by the way we have the wide brush here in germany ^^)

And yes we can discuss if one needs a dozen grey shades ( – or maybe just 50 :D Sorry could not resist doing this joke) Sane people might only need one – polish addicts maybe more but at the end of the day – feel free to buy or not to buy – I bought these myself so – my desicion.

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