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Picture Polish – London

[Advertisement by showing and naming the brand]

Today I want to show you one of the polishes I knew immediately – yes – I need that in my collection. Because I’m not only a polish junkie but also they get me with packaging and naming. After I spend a week in London last year in june and lost my heart to this city I saw the first swatches of the Picture Polish “London” and oh well I put that on my wishlist and after placing an order – this came along.

Fun Fact: The 1000th Essie called “Aim to missbehave” was one of those namewise polishes I knew immediately – I need this, I don’t care for the colour. Because: Firefly anyone? I remember I wore this shade back on Comic Con when I met Nathan Fillion. And I also know which shade I wore for my Meet and greet with Josh Groban back then in Frankfurt.
Also I am the Type who buys Starbucks Mugs and nailpolish instead of useless touristy stuff. well – you don’t need either of this stuff but hey. Everyone as they like it.

Long story short – here is Picture Polish – “London”:

Picture Polish - London Bottle

And like I mentioned – last year I spend a week in London and wanted to go back there ever since. I came straight from the Airport to the city and instantly I felt at home – I had no issues navigating around. I basically spend the whole week wandering around London till late in the evening. I really enjoyed that – this polish reminds me of that.
Next Fun Fact: Of course I was prepared for shopping. And the polish I brought back from Londong (among other stuff) is easily the most expensive one, because I really bought a Christian Louboutin – and I regret nothing!

London - Tower Bridge



So let’s start – and to be more of interest – back to the Nailpolish topic.

Picture Polish - London Used Stuff

And if anyone is asking – this is how I clean up my manicure: Nailpolishremover and a brush – actually it is an Art Brush I bought during a sale. A bunch of them so. You do not always have to buy expensive Nail art supplies.

Picture Polish - London Clean up

After that it’s looking like this – already very pretty

Picture Polish - London Mani

But I have a stamping plate with the topic Tourism and England (Moyou London – Tourist Collection 01) so – stamping it was.

Picture Polish - London used colours

For the stamping I used an Essence polish from an LE I got quite a while ago and the new Stamper from the new Essence range. And so far I really like it – It might be my favourite of the jelly ones so far.

Picture Polish - London Stamp

Finnished Picture Polish – London Mani with stamping

Picture Polish - London Stamping

And now the Questions – do you care for some of the step pictures or do you think “Nah – just show the finnished look”? I still use the blog to try out new stuff so just let me know if there is something to improve or something you like

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