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Scofflaw – Fight the untried polishes #2

Here we go again and of course I used a lot of my polishes. And yes – this is again a Scofflaw only post. I even managed to smuggle in a christmas manicure and a bunch of christmas polishes. Pretty much everything I found in my picture folders.
Also you might notice a slight difference in the length of my nails. Two nails broke and I tried to mend them until they were long enought to look good when cut. becaus mending them works but I always see the imperfections there so I cut them the first option I have. And of course I alswo wear other polish brands – like one or two. ūüôā

Scofflaw РConversations with inanimate objects (Fall 2017 Collection)

Scofflaw - Conversations with inanimate objects

Scofflaw – Be excellent to each other (Fall 2017 Collection (Duo))

Scofflaw - Be excellent to each other

Scofflaw – And party on dudes – Topper –¬†(Fall 2017 Collection (Duo))

Scofflaw - And party on dudes

Scofflaw – Gordon Coles Blue Rose (Fall 2017)

Scofflaw - Gordon Coles Blue Rose

Scofflaw – Just another Candycane (Holiday 2013 Limited Editions)

Scofflaw - Just another Candycane

Scofflaw – Minx Manifesto (Polish Con 2016)

Scofflaw - Minx Manifesto

Scofflaw – Pale blue dot (Polish Pickup Dezember 2017)

Scofflaw - Pale blue dot

Scofflaw – Prototype (Black Friday Sale 2017)

Scofflaw - Prototype

Scofflaw – Heisenberg (Polish Pickup Januar 2018)

Scofflaw - Heisenberg

Scofflaw РSansa get your gun (Fall 2017 Collection)

Scofflaw - Sansa get your gun

Scofflaw – Thackery Binx (Polish Con LE 2017)

Scofflaw - Thackery Binx

Scofflaw – Wraith pinned to the mist (Winter 2014)

Scofflaw - Wraith pinned to the mist

Scofflaw РVelveteen Rabbit (Black Friday Sale 2017)

Scofflaw - Velveteen Rabbit

Scofflaw РRegrets from the Holiday office party (Black Friday Sale 2017)

Scofflaw - Regrets from the Holiday office party

 Scofflaw РThat damn cat is in the tree (Black Friday Sale 2017)

Scofflaw - That damn cat is in the tree

What should I say, Scofflaw will always be one of my favourite Indie brand. And because friends always ask me about old polishes. One of those was from back in 2013 and it is still working in 2017/2018. But still I keep nail polish thinner on hands – just in case.

Once agan I just can tell you that the polishes are absolutely awesome. Two Layers and the colours will come out perfect. The only exception in this bunch was “Wraith pinned to the mist” the second layer tugged on the first one so I decided to put on a third coat. But usually this happens to me with certain basecoats or if I didn’t let the layers dry properly.

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