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Valentine’s Day Manis 2018

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What do you do when you are sick and trying to distract yourself from Toothaches and Painkillers? Right – you paint your nails. maybe as bright as you can. And spending this Valentine’s Day sick at home I decided to go on a pink Overload. Even if only the dentist is going to see the nails :)

Valentine’s Day Mani No. One:

Essie - Valentinstag Gradient

Used for the Gradient I used “Baguette me not” as basecolour and for the gradient “Chastity” and “Bachelorette bash”

For the Stamping on the middlefinger I used Licorice and the Moyra 113 – Love is all around plate


Valentine’s Day Mani No. Two:

Essie - Valentinstag - Saved by the belle

Here I used “Saved by the belle” as basecolour and on the middlefinger I used Vinyls and “Exotic Liras” for the heart. But it blurred a bit thanks to the Topcoat. But still pretty.


So what do you say to cliche pink Manis and Valentine’s Days stuff? Yes? no? Hell no?
My mood was a bit down because I am sick at home so I decided colours on nails are always a good idea.

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