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Opi – Purple with a Purpose

[Advertisement by showing and naming the brand]

Sometimes I have this urge to stamp on every Mani I’m doing . That is why I added a stamping to the Opi “Purple with a Purpose”

Here I used the Moyra – 113 Love is all around plate and the Colour Alike Stamping Polish B. a Berry Smoothie and even if the stamping is not perfect it is looking good thanks to the pattern.

Opi - Purple with a Purpose


And because mattifying is always a good thing I also did that. I used a p2 polish back from some old LE .

Opi - Purple with a Purpose - Matt

The polish was from a set I bought at TK Maxx. For these kind of things TK Maxx is always a good idea. But only if not everyone has ripped open all the packages. They currently trying to use safeties so that not everyone is rubbing around in makeup stuff. But people are stupid and so these seals don’t last very long.  But as mentioned from time to time you get quite good deals and sets there. Like a Hello Kitty LE or 50 Shades of grey (which a bought only because of the polishes) – and you can find a post about some of them here.

How about you – do you recycle old manicures with stuff like stamping or mattifying just for the fun of it before taking it off? I do that quite often because I will remove it anyway so I can try a new technique or a stamping and have a look without actually ruining a manicure.

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