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WM2018 GERMEX Mani

#GERMEX – Let’s start soccer world cup 2018

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Here we go again – incoming Black red Gold Nailart for the soccer world cup 2018. Why? because I can and because it is my blog :p And it might be a bit of superstition – I did that back in 2014 for the world cup so I’m doing it again. And also I have to start blogging again – GDPR just had me busy.

So – first match for Germany vs Mexico – GERMEX (I really look forward to all the funny hastags)

Fussball WM2018 GerMex Lightbox

Today I put on a simple one. The last games I spotted some glitter manis but – I searched in my collection – no black red gold glitter in the same size so i digged some more and found these cute drops.

Fussball wm2018 GerMex Tools

To be honest – I’m not quite sure about the result of this manicure but it is simple and pretty. On the ringfinger I put a soccer nail vinyl.
So for the first match it is ok – but there is also room for improvement.

Fussball WM2018 GERMEX Mani

So.. that would be the first game nailart wise  :)

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